Desert Images

This image was taken on a photo session in the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona. It was cooling off in the Sonoran Desert and we set off for the Superstitions (photo taken on October 11). Our first stop was Lost Dutchman State Park. We were only at the park for few minutes when a huge dust cloud appeared and a rain storm blew in. We just barely had time to set up our cameras when a stunning rainbow appeared right over Flat Iron Peak as the sun was setting and the rocks were turning scarlet. The lighting was over in minutes. First one large drop of rain hit us then another and the next thing we knew we were dashing back to the truck in a deluge.

The rain lasted most of the night. We got up at dawn to gray skies and took off to explore the Superstitions. The air was clean and clear after the rain and the desert was happy. So were we with temps in the 70s! The photo below was taken the next morning as the storm clouds moved out.

Superstition Mountains


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